What are the most popular types of blinds?

What window blind is popular in the UK?

The United Kingdom is a nation that is loath to shut out the sun! Our often damp, cloudy climate blots out our nearest star and we welcome sunny days.

We are also aware of the different seasons: longer daylight hours in the summer with short daylight hours in the winter. The sun also alters its position considerably between the seasons: at midday in the summer, it is practically overhead; during the winter, the sun barely lifts itself above the horizon.

Therefore, our love affair with window blinds goes back many centuries and we have been inspired by classical and modern designs. 

We also require window blinds that take into account our changeable climate.

The Countdown of Window Blinds

Window blinds are used across the globe and while different climates suit different blind types, here in the UK, we have extremes of weather, from sub-zero to sweltering.

So, our countdown of popular window blinds takes into account our differing weather conditions and seasons.

6: Vision Blinds

Vision blinds are innovative to say the least! They include gliding opaque and translucent strips of material that can be moved according to the movement of the sun.

While they are often used in more modern settings and they can fully replace the need for curtains, they can be used in heritage settings in rooms that have functional roles including conservatories and home offices.

We predict these will be more popular in the years to come and will steadily climb our countdown.

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What are the most popular types of blinds? 1

5: Wooden Blinds

Or faux wooden blinds, to be exact. 

These types of blind can be a bit more costly, but they have such smooth finishes, they are popular as they can really uplift the look of an entire room.

They can also lend themselves to different window blind types such as Venetian or vertical.

While they look sophisticated and stylish, the materials can be relatively easy on the cashflow and can update a room immediately once installed.

These types of blinds suit rooms such as living areas or lounge, as they not only make a statement but can be effective with blocking out or allowing in sunlight as required.

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4: Venetian Blinds

Popular in the city of Venice, although it is thought they originated in Persia, Venetian blinds are a popular choice for our customers.

They involve horizontal slats of differing widths, finishes and colours and are controlled at either side by the cord and lift mechanisms.

One cord controls the tilt and angle of the slats; the other enables the bottom of the blind to be pulled up or down and locked into position so more (or less) of the window is revealed.

This type of blind is popular as it enables the window itself to be visible if needed, allowing in lots of natural light.

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What are the most popular types of blinds? 3

3: Vertical Blinds

While you can see these in domestic settings, this type of blind is often found in educational, office or professional settings.

They have a highly functional design that allows for good control while still keeping natural light entering the room if needed. 

The popularity in the professional or care setting pushes this blind type up to the third most popular type.

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What are the most popular types of blinds? 4

2: Roman Blinds

Use of folding material or softer fabrics, Roman blinds are our second most popular type of window covering.

Used for thousands of years, these types of blinds offer a softer alternative to the harder materials used by some of its cousins.

These are an elegant choice that folds away neatly revealing the window behind.

Similar to roller blinds, Roman blinds are usually made of one piece of fabric that gradually folds up or unfolds down by way of pulling on a cord or similar at the side.

Roman blinds are also pleated so they form neat clean folds when open, then lay flat once more when closed.

These can add texture to a room and can have funky prints, block colours or even blackout options.

1. Roller Blinds

Popular due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness, this type of blind is number one in our popularity chart.

Roller blinds are not as versatile as some of its cousins, yet because there is one cord and the uncomplicated mechanism, it is one that continues to be popular with our customers.  As well as being able to block out unwanted light, a roller blind can also offer privacy.

Innovations in design and finish also make this type of window blind as popular as over.

They are also easy to install and are usually easily controlled by a cord to one side of the blind fitting itself. 

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What are the most popular types of blinds? 5

So, Which One Do I Order?

Here at Yorkshire Blinds, we are not about dictating which type of window covering would be good for your home.

We respect that everyone has individual preferences and requirements.

You can rest assured, whichever one you choose, our service is second to none. 

We are more than happy to advise and assist you.

Or if you love doing it all yourself,  you can follow our measuring guide and be safe in the knowledge the window blind you order will fit perfectly and look amazing.