Cleaning Your Blinds!

Perhaps not one of our favourite domestic tasks, however your blinds, whatever type, will need a clean from time to time.

Here is our comprehensive and expert guide to cleaning your blinds in your home.

Why Do My Blinds Need Cleaning?

Like most of us that have blind within our home, the blinds probably haven’t been properly cleaned for some time, whatever type you have.

This is because they can be fiddly to clean and it’s easier to miss out of the cleaning schedule!

It might sound obvious, but maintaining blinds means they can last longer and remain functional for longer, providing you’re careful with your cleaning.

The key is to avoid damaging the blinds during the cleaning process, which is probably why most of us avoid cleaning them in the first place.

Vertical Blinds

Depending on the state of grubbiness, you can either wipe them or gently wash them, depending on the fabric.

If your blinds have been cleaned recently, it might be a case of simply wiping them down with a microfibre cloth. 

Some vacuum cleaners have a soft furnishings attachment which enables it to be used on vertical blinds that remain in position in the window.

Or you can carefully remove each vertical blind from its fixing and use warm soapy water to clean each slat or vane, allowing them to dry before hanging them again.

Venetian Blinds

These can be very tricky due to the weight of the blinds and also the materials.

But we have a secret we are going to share with you!

The best thing to do is grab an old cotton sock, place it on your hand and then run this along each slat. Be careful if any of the slats have sharp edges.

Once you get started, it is quite soothing.

Another way if the sock trick isn’t possible is to use a feather duster or you can buy what’s called a blind butter or brush which is a handheld device which cleans several slats at once with slotted, fibre material positioned at the end of the rod. 

Move it gently from side to side and if you have a wide cutter, you can clean several slats at once, saving you precious time.

Vision Satin Cass Verona Copper Main Remote

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds are made of fabric in the main, so it is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Most people again use the vacuum cleaner and its soft upholstery attachment.

Open your blind fully and carefully brush the fabric downwards until you’ve covered the whole surface. 

If the fabric isn’t suitable for vacuuming, best to use a microfibre cloth and wipe down the full blind surface.

Some folks suggest cleaning them in the washing machine. This is not advisable as they can fray or snag. 

If there is very heavy staining, then again check the manufacturer’s instructions and use a suitable stain remover, testing a small area of the stain first.

Roller Blinds

These are much simpler as all you need to do is roll the blind all the way down until they are fully extended and again use the right adjustment on your vacuum cleaner to clean both sides.

Similarly, you can use warm soapy water and wash both sides of the blind with a microfibre cloth.

If roller blinds are very badly stained, and providing you check the manufacturers guidelines, you can brush them gently with warm soapy water using a soft detergent.

You might need to remove stubborn stains by hand and remember to clean both the front and back of the blind.

A fabric roller blind should only be vacuumed and not washed. Most roller blinds though are covered in a plastic coating, meaning warm soapy water should be enough.

Wooden Blinds

The good old vacuum cleaner is the best one here, using an attachment with a small, soft brush. 

Using an antistatic duster afterward to ward off dust motes.

Vision Blinds

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft upholstery attachment, moving the attachment gently across the blind supporting the back of the blind as you do so.

These types of blinds are delicate and have a sophisticated mechanism operating them, so clean them with care.

Skylight Blinds

Clean the surface with warm soapy water if you can reach them! 

So, by now, you’re an expert on cleaning window blinds.

In the main, it’s a bit of careful elbow grease and using suitable detergents and cloths. 

There will be a time when a window blind has seen better days. 

When that time comes, Yorkshire Blinds provide perfect replacements.

And if you have any questions about cleaning your blinds, we would be happy to answer your queries