What Are The Best Window Coverings For Different Times Of Year?

A Country of Contrasts!

The UK is well-known for its variety in weather patterns!

One day it can be boiling hot, the next stay a windswept landscape ensures you stay indoors if you can.

Our windows offer protection from the elements, yet they also allow in plenty of daylight.

The UK also has the variety of the four seasons, with the sun occupying different levels in the sky during each one. Wintertime, and the sun never ventures far above the horizon; summer, and the sun remains high in the sky for much of the day.

Whatever the time of year, window blinds should be the best quality and offer both shade, privacy and admit natural light when needed.


So, our winters seem to last a long time here in the UK. Some would say from October to March! When the hour goes back towards the end of October, then the nights really pull in. 

With the darker mornings and evenings, your window blinds can be used to make the most of the dwindling daylight.

Therefore, when you look at your window blinds, you need to decide if they are fit for purpose. Do they completely block out much needed light? Are they too dark? Or heavy? If so, they you might want to replace them with something sheer that will give you privacy when needed yet helps to keep the room warm too without blocking out the sun’s rays.

Vision blinds are a good option here as they mix two types of material that can offer different levels of shade when needed.


Time to throw open those windows! As the daffodils appear, then the daylight returns and hopefully some warmer weather too.

Chances are you want to welcome in the sunlight during the daylight hours so rollers and pleated window blinds are a great choice as they don’t take up too much window room and can be adjusted where you need them. Sheer fabrics also allow in diffused light as the sun climbs higher in the sky. 

Spring is also a time which traditionally means your home gets a deep clean. 

This can include your window blinds; or you might think it’s time to replace an old window blind with a new one.


Summer in the UK can be either wonderful or a total disappointment!

Most of us build our hopes for the summer months so we can sit out in the garden, or in the local park, and enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the time of year you perhaps want the most shade from the sun yet still want to welcome in the light. 

Vertical blinds are great here, as are Venetian styles. 

If you have a conservatory or an orangery, you will probably find you use this room the most in summer. 

We all know conservatories act like greenhouses and can be very hot in the summer.

Great window shading can help reduce harsh light and reduce the temperature too.

Summer seems all too brief and in fact the longest day occurs in June, which means the sun is getting lower in the sky from then on.

Yet our warmest weather is usually during this season, so getting the right window blinds that help keep your room cool is essential.


A new school year, golden light and vibrant colours in the trees … that’s autumn. 

Sometimes, we feel a slight sense of sadness as autumn arrives. 

Summer is over for another year and winter is on the horizon.

Yet autumn has its joys, and that usually means stunning light from the sun.

The sun drops in the sky again and we again want to keep as much natural light entering our homes as we can.

Different window blinds allow for this, from horizontal blinds, which allow you to angle the sunlight as you want, to the stunning and relative newcomer, the vision blind.

What To Do Next

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As well as considering the time of year, consider which direction your window face: do they face south and gets lots of light, or do they face east or west, getting the sunlight at certain times of day only?

Then depending on your own preferences, you can go for any depth of shading, from blackout to opaque.

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