How Do You Cover a Window Without Curtains?

The chances are your home, whatever its size or location, will include several windows. 

Windows are the way we can let in plenty of natural light and see the outside world.

Yet there are times that your windows need covering. Here’s our guide to covering windows without the need for curtains.

Different Types of Windows

We need to think about the numerous different window types that are ‘out there’.

There are standard size double glazed windows that can be found in most modern homes, the largest of which are usually found in the living room and main bedroom.

These are relatively simple to cover as measuring them ready for windows blinds is relatively easy.

Then there are bay windows.

These can be small bays or large ones, comprising of three windows side by side forming a shallow crescent shape.

While these require three window blinds, i.e., a covering per pane, this can also be a great way to have fun with colours, designs and styles.

Bathrooms tend to have smaller windows with frosted glass, however a sheer window covering offers additional privacy if needed.

Then many office areas and attic rooms have skylights, while smaller bedrooms can have smaller windows consisting of a single pane.

Historic properties can have any number of different window styles, from sash to casements all of which require special care and suitable window blinds too.

Different Types of Window Coverings

Many of us will think of curtains or net curtains as a way of covering our windows when needed. 

However, window blinds have been around for many centuries and while nothing new at all, their styles, pattens and fabrics have changed beyond recognition.

Venetian blinds are still popular centuries after they were created, while roller blinds are an-easy-to-use alternative.

Vertical and pleated blind are also popular, along with newcomers such as vision blinds. 

The trick is to decide which type of blind would suit the window in question. 

How Do I Decide Which Is Best?

There are a number of factors to consider when considering your window blinds choices.

One) Budget! This needs to be decided from the start and this will dictate what type of blind you can purchase.

Two) Which room is the window blind for? As mentioned above, your choice will also be influenced by the size of the window or windows. 

Yorkshire Blinds offer Perfect Fit blinds which, as the title suggests, means your blinds should fit your window recess perfectly with very few tools involved.

Three) Work out the direction of the sun. The sun moves (or more accurately, the earth moves around the sun!) throughout the day and with each season, offering long daylight hours in the summer and a limited about of sunlight during the winter.

For rooms facing north, then you may wish to have a blind that will encourage precious natural light into the room throughout year. 

For south facing rooms, you might need more shade.

Once you’ve decided these three important elements, then it is time to measure your window space and/or recess.

How Long Does A Blind Take To Reach Me?

Once you have measured correctly and chosen your blind style, colour palette and fabric, then your blinds can be with you in three to five days.

As a family run company with lots of experience in the industry, our manufacturing processes create superb quality blinds, whatever your personal choice or preferred style. 

How Do I Clean My Blinds?

Each blind is cleaned differently and there are washing instructions which our blinds. Some are even machine washable but not all, so take care!
Cleaning blinds does not have to be a bind, either. There are some great cleaning products and tools that make it a simple process.

In fact, window blinds are often easier to clean than curtains as you can clean many of them while still in place in the window itself.

Can I Still Have Curtains?

Yes, of course this is possible. Some windows look amazing with a mix of hanging curtains and blinds in between. 

Curtains can get dirty in certain areas, such as near the carpet or laminate if they are floor length; also, where they are pulled across the windows at night-time. Curtain can also have patch fading where they get lots of sunlight. 

Taking them down, cleaning them and then rehanging them are tasks that usually occur during the spring clean.

What Do I Do Next?

 This is the fun part! Follow our three-step guide, above, and you’ve got your accurate measurements, then it’s time to starting thinking about which type of window blind you like, and feel would be most suitable for your room.

Yorkshire Blinds has a vast array of styles and fabrics to choose from. With superb quality and great pricing, we’re your one stop online store for window blinds.