Best Window Blinds For Your Home

Lots of Choice

With so much choice available, you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start when it comes to selecting the best window blinds or window treatments for your home! 

Finding the right one for your home is not an easy task, but it can be a pleasant one as you decide which style suits your home the best.

Yorkshire Blinds offer the best choice of window blinds in the area so making that decision is made much easier.

First Things First

The first things to consider are the size of the window and how much privacy you want. So, for every window size, there is a suitable window treatment. And for every window treatment, there are degrees of privacy that can be afforded by the window blind or blinds you select.

To give you a couple of pointers: if you are in the middle of town with street-facing windows you may wish to have complete privacy from prying eyes. 

If you live in a rural location, then you might want to admit as much natural light as possible.

Window Blinds are More Than Window Treatments

Window blinds or window treatments have several functions, so choosing the right one for each window and room is crucial.

A window blind can be both beautiful and functional.

There was a time when window blind choices were somewhat limited.

Today, this is not the case.

From Romans to rollers, from Venetians to vertical, from vision to Velux® to pleated, there is something for every size of window and every possible decorative style.

Textures, Opacity, Materials

First consider the room in which your blind will ‘sit’. Is it a room that has very little natural light? Is it somewhere that you desire privacy? If it’s a bedroom, would black out material be best? While it might seem like we are overcomplicating the issue, the tick list is relatively small.

Start off with the purpose of the room. Different blinds are suitable for each room in the home and we shall come this later in the blog.

Then measure the window or windows and decide if you are placing the blinds inside or outside the window recess, taking the appropriate measurements.

Then consider the amount of privacy you want.

And of course you need to think about how much you want to spend.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. Window blinds can be very cost effective.

These decisions, once made, will help you decide which style of blind and material you want. 

Some blinds such as Roman blinds offer a lot of texture to a room however this is not always suitable for a room which there is a lot of moisture.

The opacity of a window treatment will dictate how much natural light comes into the room. From blackout to sheer, the choice is yours to make.

Blinds or Shades?

Some room stylists suggest there is a difference between blinds and shades, maintaining that blinds made from harder materials such as wood are classed as blinds, while those made of softer materials are shades.

However, for many of us, ‘window blinds’ is the blanket term for any time of window treatment. 

Safety and Cleaning

If you have little people in your home, then safety is key.

Most blinds will have an operating ‘wand’ or stick; some have cords or similar to operate them. While you can’t do without these elements, even on automated blinds, you can ensure the window treatment you want reaches Safety Standards.

Check out cordless options if safety is your main concern. 

Then there is the inevitable cleaning to consider.

Some blinds are easy to clean, such as roller blinds, which can be wiped clean.

Others, such as Venetians, need a bit more effort but look amazing as a result.

There are lots of cleaning accessories out there, including dusters for blinds, spot cleaning treatment and even vacuum cleaner attachments are an option.

Selecting the Best Blind for Each Room

Here give you a whistle stop guide to choosing the best window treatment for each room in your home.

Of course, as with all advice, it’s up to you whether you take it on board… or not!
Kitchens, bathrooms, toilets: given the high level of moisture in these rooms, then something that is water-resistant is best. Roller blinds are popular for these rooms.

Bedrooms: a chance to soften the effect with a Roman blind which includes lots of soft folds in a fabric of your choice.

Children’s rooms: perhaps a pleated blind would suffice well here. However little hands love things that dangle, so go for cordless options, such as Velux® blinds which fit inside the window and have a grip at the bottom so you can move the blind up or down.

If you can’t avoid having a corded blind, then ensure the cord or pulley is well out of children’s reach at all times. 

Living Areas: Lots of choice here but Venetian or vision blinds are popular, giving the room a statement look and allowing for great light control. 

The Home Office: As a functional room, then it could call for a functional blind. Vertical blinds are a good choice here. 

What To Do Next

So, if you got to grips with the basics, now is the time to look at the Yorkshire Blinds website. We serve the Yorkshire region and beyond.

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