Can Curtains and Blinds Get Used Together?

Curtains and Blinds for Your Home

As there are many window coverings available, from nets to thick curtains, from blinds to elegant drapes, you can be forgiven for being unsure whether curtain and blinds can be used together. 

The answer is of course, yes!

However, it is down to personal choice as to whether you combine the two.

If the combination is well thought out, then it can add style and the wow factor to a room.

Yorkshire Blinds can offer advice and a great choice of blinds suitable for your home. 

What To Do If You Want to Combine the Two

First of all, consider the flexibility of your choices.

Some blinds and curtains will not work together.

You will need to consider the colour scheme and the materials.

For example, a Roman blind might work well with a pair of sheer curtains.

The first thing to is decide which window blind you want.

You also need to consider where the blind will go: inside or outside the window recess is the main thing to consider.

The most common types of blinds are roller and Venetian and these pair well with curtains if installed correctly.

Some Guidelines 

As well as considering which room you are going to use both curtains and blinds, you also need to think about the use of that room.

The most suitable rooms are usually bedrooms and living rooms, where there are more soft furnishings within the room and using both window blinds and curtains makes a real statement to the overall decor. 

Other rooms could be a dining room or even an orangery if there is space.

Colours and Textures

As a rule of thumb, unless you are going for a chaotic look, then a considered approach is best. A block colour for a Roman or roller blind might work best. Some windows might even have enough space to fit more than one blind, meaning several colours can be used.

Then a sheer curtain or contrasting coloured curtain could be the best choice if combining the two.

A muted colour for the curtain could work best if the rest of the room is full of bright colours.

The Décor of the Room 

If your windows are going to make a statement by using both blinds and curtains, then you will need to consider the colours in that room.

If you have complex wallpaper patterns, then it could be the window dressings need to be much simpler. 

On the other hand, if you’ve kept the walls and the ceiling neutral, then the room could stand a patterned blind and contrasting pair of curtains or one sheer curtain covering a window blind in a bright colour.

There is a huge amount of choice.

Some Things to Avoid

As a rule of thumb, a mix of prints is hard to get right. So, it would be best, unless you really know what you’re doing, to have one window dressing with a solid colour and a print on the other. 

It also depends on the materials uses for the window blind dressings.

Timber blinds are expensive yet stylish and can add impact.

Therefore, pairing curtains with them could include a solid colour that blends with the timber, creating a stunning centre piece or focal point to a room.

The Advantages 

Using both blinds and curtains together can create the impression that the windows in a room are larger than they really area. 

This is partly to do with the clever use of blinds types and curtains.

It is also do with the elements of curtain fittings that increase the apparent size of a window.

This could be a pelmet or a curtain rod.

Pelmets are great for hiding curtain tracks and adding height and width to a window.

Using both curtains and blinds means a room can look cosier without looking smaller or cluttered.

What To Do First

The first thing to do is to ensure your windows and the room have the space to accommodate window blind treatments and curtains.

You then need to measure the window recess in which the blind will fit.

Then you need to decide the blind type you want to have installed.

The Nice Bits

So, choosing the blind types, colours and curtain materials can be fun and fulfilling! Dressing the windows is usually one of the last tasks when redecorating or refurbishing a room. 

By the time you consider your windows, the hard work is usually done, such as painting or wallpapering the room, fixing the flooring and replacing the doors. 

Pairing window blinds and curtains can bring the whole room together. 
If you are going to go for blind and curtain pairings elsewhere in your home, then be sure to go for variety so each room has its own character and finish.

Other Elements to Consider

There are other accessories that you could consider if you feel it’s right for the room in question. 

Curtain ties can help create a textured look.

Matching the curtain to the rod colour can be effective.

Adding window cushions to a window seat can look very elegant. 

What To Do Next

The next thing to do is decide your budget; which room or rooms you are going to have both a blind and curtain and then head to our website for some window blind inspiration.

Yorkshire Blinds operates throughout Yorkshire and can help with all your window blind requirements. 

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