Black out Vertical Blinds – What Are They?

Have You Ever Why Blackout Blinds Are Needed?

A question we are often asked is: what are blackout blinds and how do they work?

Blackout blinds are designed to block out unwanted daylight or artificial light as much as possible.

They are made from special material that prevents too much light from coming through the window itself once the blinds are drawn down.

Where are Blackout Blinds Used?

Rooms that require them are usually bedrooms, particularly those of young children. Blackout blinds are great for those who work shifts and for light sleepers, when daylight can wake someone up very early or keep someone awake well into the evening, when they should be sleeping.

Other rooms that are suitable for blackout blind usage include home or commercial offices or workshops.

You can also have blackout blinds in bathrooms where maximum privacy is required.

Professional locations include schools, doctors’ surgeries, and other location where privacy is required.

How Do They Work?

Blackout blinds are usually in the form of a roller blind using non-transparent fabric or material so very little enters the interior space.

They also offer privacy from the outside, preventing unwanted attention from neighbours or passers-by.

Roller blinds by their very description are usually one piece of fabric that hangs from the top mechanism. 

What Types of Materials are Used?

The fabric that is used in a blackout blind is usually thicker than normal and some have a blackout lining so there is minimal light entering the room.

The material is held by either a side rail or similar and can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess.

There is normally a cord to the site that allows for the lowering or opening of a blind.

Due to the fabric used, the blackout blind can usually be wiped clean and won’t warp or buckle as a result of moisture content. 

For additional safety there are flame and fire-retardant fabrics available. 

What Are the Benefits of Blackout Blinds?

So, we’ve mentioned a few of the benefits such as privacy and darkening of a room when it is needed the most.

There are other benefits too, including the prevention of sun fading, particularly in south facing rooms.

If you own a commercial premises, then blackout blinds are perfect in rooms where training sessions take place, making sure any digital presentations are crystal clear!

What About Using Blackout Blinds Elsewhere?

If you have French doors, patio doors or even bifold doors, blackout blinds can be fitted to prevent light entering the room if needed.

If you have a garden room, conservatory or an orangery, then blackout blinds are great in the winter and can make the room inside cosy during the darker, colder months. And although we love the sun, sometimes sunlight can be overwhelming and glaring. So being able to draw down a blackout blind to prevent detrimental dazzling is a great advantage!

What About Style?

There is a myth about blackout blinds being a bit unstylish.

It is true to say there are one of the most functional types of blinds on the market. Blackout blinds serve a purpose yet that doesn’t mean they are boring too.

As with many of its roller blind cousins, the variety of colours, patterns and motifs is pretty limitless. 

Therefore, while your blackout blind is a very functional soft furnishing, you can choose a fabric or design that suits the décor of the room itself. 

You might want to go for a blended colour palette, or perhaps a contrasting shade.

What About Other Windows?

Other windows that are suitable for usage with blackout blinds include skylight windows, Velux® windows and rooflights.

If you have a glazed door, then a blackout blind could be perfect for preventing prying eyes from seeing inside and for a bit more insulation during the winter months.

The Importance of Hanging Blinds

For blackout blinds to work at their best, it is important to consider how they are installed and hang after installation.

It does depend on the size of blind, whether you are fitting the blind into the window recess or outside the recess. 

While as snug a fit as possible means the least light being allowed through, the reality is that a small degree of light will still be able to enter the room and this light usually enters the room via the sides of the blinds, where they meet the window frame.

Fitting a blind inside the recess is the best way to prevent virtually all sunlight or artificial light entering the room. 

What About Roman Blinds?

These too can have blackout effects. However, they are more expensive. The most popular type of blackout blind is a roller blind and you can also obtain fitted blackout blinds for Velux® windows.

What To Do Next

The next stage is to decide if blackout blinds are what you need.

Then you need to measure up the windows in question and decide if you are fitting them inside or outside the window recess.

Then you need to decide your budget and stick to it.

Finally, you need to visit our website and relax using our customer-friendly online shop to choose your blackout blinds.

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