Creating Different Light Levels With Window Blinds

Window blinds are often used to block out unwanted sunlight, but they can also be a great way to create different light levels in your home. Here are some clever ways you can use them for that purpose.

Sunlight Control

You might want to use them if you’re trying to sleep, and the sun is shining through your bedroom window. 

Or if you have an office space that needs some dimming during daytime hours. 

And they can also help with privacy, blocking out prying eyes looking in from outside your home.

If that sounds like something you need, here are some tips on how to make it happen!

Choosing The Right Blind For You

Window blinds come in a variety of styles, including venetian and roller shades.

Some have slats that are open on one side to let light shine through; others cover the entire windowpane with fabric or metal strips (or both).

You’ll need something you’re comfortable working around either way! If your room is sunny all day long, try using just an inside shade so most sunlight shines at another angle. This will also keep heat out during hot summer months. 

Making The Most Of Natural Light

If you want the light to be softer in your home, try using a sheer shade. This is great for bedrooms and living rooms that get lots of natural daytime sunlight or where people nap during midday hours.

If this sounds like what would work best, a sheer shade will dilute how much sun shines through windows. For sleeping times, maybe add blackout shades too so it can block out any unwanted outside sights from being seen (and therefore ruining sleep).

You might also consider installing UV-resistant blinds as they are better suited than other types when exposed constantly under strong lighting conditions such these ones created by our Sun’s rays.

Different Light Levels At Different Times Of Day

If you want the light to be brighter and lighter in your home, try using a roller shade.

This is great for an office space that needs some dimming during daytime hours or when it’s night-time outside so people don’t have privacy issues with their windows from outside prying eyes.

If this sounds like what would work best add sheer shades as well too which will help diffuse natural sunlight coming through at night time making everything seem softer plus adding blackout blinds if needed since they are better suited than other types under these conditions of strong lighting that our sun creates.

How To Block Out Light Throughout The Day

If you want to block out light coming into your home during the day, try using a cellular shade.

This will help keep things dark for those who are sleeping or working in an office space that needs some dimming.

These types of shades work best when hung high up on windows so they’re not blocking too much natural sunlight from outside which is usually at eye-level where it’s most needed through windowpanes and you could sheer curtains as well.

Window Blinds For Rooms Affect By The Sunrise

If you have a room facing east and it’s important for natural light to come into your home during the day, then try using curtains or sheer drapes instead of window coverings. In this type of scenario, we recommend either choosing traditional vertical blinds with slats close together (which are good at blocking out daylight). These can be pulled up just enough creating more ventilation between them giving windows an elegant look without sacrificing their function.

Window Blinds Suitable For Rooms Facing West

If you have a room that faces to your left when looking out of it (i.e., towards sunset), then we recommend using window coverings with horizontal slats, since they are better at blocking light from entering and views through them is not too obstructed once closed. This means low-cost solutions like roller curtains or shutters will work well in this scenario. Otherwise traditional vertical sun blind designs would be recommended as these still allow more natural daylight inside than other types.

Window Blinds Suitable For Shift Workers That Sleep In The Day

If you are a shift worker who sleeps during the day and works at night, then we recommend using window blinds that can be closed from either side – meaning they have slats on both sides. This will allow them to remain open when it is dark outside so as not block out natural light (in other words preventing any circadian rhythm disruption) but still provide some level of privacy for those sleeping in these rooms while also providing protection against unwanted views through their windows. You can have roller blinds made from blackout fabrics or vision blinds that can either be dark or sheer in their window coverage, as required.

Window Blinds For Babies And Children

Window blinds that are suitable for babies and children should be made from fabrics with a level of fire retardant. As well as being free-standing, some baby window coverings can also come fitted to the edges or topmost part (also known the UK as ‘top treatment’).

Blackout blinds of any type are also popular to block out unwanted daylight.

As children get a bit older, they will undoubtedly have their favourite cartoon or storybook characters and you can get blinds with just about any theme to them.

Our Tips For Window Blinds

The tips we have given you are all very simple to follow. But the reward is also great, this will enable a homeowner or tenant some degree of control over their light levels and privacy in whichever space they choose! 

What Do I Do Next?

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