Perfect Fit Blinds – How Do They Work?

Perfect Fit Blinds Fitting.

If you have windows in your home – who doesn’t? – then chances are you’ll have curtains, net curtain or blinds covering most of them.

However, after a certain period of time, curtains fade, nets become tired-looking and blinds become damaged.

What if measuring and fitting new blinds was putting you off getting some much-needed new ones?

Here at Yorkshire Blinds, we understand that measuring, ordering and fitting your new blinds can be seen as a bit of challenge. 

What Are Perfect Fit Blinds?

As the name suggests, these types of window blinds fit perfectly into any room in your home.

As types of homes vary, from apartments to detached properties so do the window sizes.

The age of the home you live in also dictates the size of windows. From small to large, there is no standard window size in many cases.

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Perfect Fit Como Ocra

Perfect Fit Blinds also come in a wide variety of colours and styles so there will be something to meet your expectations.

Why Have A Window Blind At All?

While curtains can also be a good option for window coverage, these can fade in the sun and also don’t offer the flexibility of a window blind.

A Perfect Fit blinds fitting can transform your window and add a lovely decorative element to your room.

Also, window blinds offer privacy, can help keep a room warm or cool and are an affordable way of updating a room.

Can I Use Different Window Blinds In My Home?

The answer to this is a huge yes!

If your home includes a large bay window, this is a ‘window’ of opportunity to have three (or more) Perfect Blinds in which window frame, offering a completely bespoke and effective way of showcasing that room.

You can ensure each blind is adjusted to your own requirements and allowing for privacy too if needed.

What Type Of Perfect Fit Blinds Are Available?

Yorkshire Blinds offers one of the widest ranges of fitting Perfect Fit window blinds in the north of England.

The Perfect Fit range includes stunning roller blinds in a wide range of patterns, from traditional to modern, from pastels to bold colours.

Why not go for a cool print?

Perfect Venetian blinds are also popular in any number of styles and shades.

Are Perfect Fit Blinds Easy To Install?

The straight answer is yes.

Perfect Fit blinds Fitting require no tools, drillings or fittings as it attaches directly to the window.

A bracket is placed into the gap between the rubber glazing strip and glass on your uPVC window or door. The blind is attached to this.

This means the blind fits neatly inside the frame with no need for drilling or screws.

If you do have non-standard windows sizes in your home, Perfect Fit blinds are … well, perfect!

These types of blinds are great for period properties or if you rent a property.However, you do need to measure the: the window-pane width, the windowpane drop (height), and the window depth. Measure blinds from the pane itself, between the black rubber beading.

Does Perfect Fit Blinds Fitting Damage The Windows?

No, they don’t as they simply click into place with the help of a clever mechanism. 

Some perfect fit blinds also have a 

Installation takes around 30-minutes.

Also, Perfect Fit blinds don’t, as a rule, create condensation or moisture.

How Much Do Perfect Fit Blinds Cost?

All window blinds vary in terms of costs due to the size and materials involved.

If you browse our products, you will find Yorkshire Blinds costs are excellent value for money and our price calculator gives you an accurate price.

Which Rooms Are Perfect For Perfect Fit Blinds?

As they clip onto the window, most windows are suitable. Even for tilt and turn windows, there is probably a Perfect Fit blind that will fit perfectly!

Because fitting is easy, with no need for extra tools, then you can choose, buy and install them yourself.

As the name suggests, Perfect Fit blinds don’t ‘swing’ or have stray elements that pets, kids or both can fiddle with!

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