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One of the questions we are asked the most here at Yorkshire Blinds is, what are your cheapest blinds?

We would all like the best of both worlds: a great price for a quality product.

Well, you can rest assured that Yorkshire Blinds offer just that!

We have some of the cheapest blinds prices around and we work with top brands too.

It is hard to quote the lowest price as it depends on the type and size of blind.

This ultimate guide to the cheapest blinds to the most expensive will explain which price bracket is suitable for you.

So, what type of blinds are cheapest blinds?

As a rule of thumb, the cost of the blind depends upon the material it is made of, so Vertical blinds tend to be the cheapest blinds.

Of course, the size of the blind will also affect the price.

The more material required to make up the blind, the more expensive it can be.

Accurate measuring is crucial as this will give you the price of your blind.

Other factors that affect the cost of your window blind including the operating mechanisms which vary with each type of blind.

From relatively simple to sophisticated, each functional piece of apparatus will affect the cost.

We also have motorised blinds which of course will move up the costs. 

However, these might be needed in your place of work or at home and we can help.

What about the quality?

The quality of blinds we offer our customers is the best on the market, whatever the cost.

However, if you wanted to avoid the aluminium blinds, then faux wood can also be cost effective.

We have a wide selection of colours from amber to sun woods and just about anything in between. 

We also have fire retardant options, with or without tapes.

What about cleanliness?

While we’ve always wanted our homes to be clean, cleanliness has never been more important. We have an antibacterial element with our selection of our blinds, and we can also advise about how to clean your blinds safely, too.

Our window blind collection also has cost-effective easy-wipe blinds and literally hundreds of tempting designs, from plain to patterned

Do you provide blinds in delicate fabrics?

Yes, we do! We have a range of blinds in voile, calico, cotton and other delicate  or sheer fabrics. And these can be very price sensitive if they are for smaller windows. 

I want a more expensive window blind … what would you recommend?

You may wish to have a window blind that is a feature of a room, a focal point that will look amazing for years to come! not everybody wants the cheapest blinds

Our hammered finishes are very sophisticated, offering a classy metallic finish with a dimpling or textured finish. 

You will also be surprised at the variety of colours you can have this type of blind material, too.

Or how about a perforated finish? These types of blinds cost a bit more but look amazing.

I don’t have time to clean blinds … Can they be machine washed?

As a rule of them, window blinds are not designed for the washing machine!

Putting some into the washing machine is disastrous as the blinds come out fray or even split.

However, we understand that in certain circumstances, a machine washable window blind is not only helpful, but it might also be totally required!

Some of our roller blinds and vertical blinds have a selection of machine washable finishes. 

When it comes to washing your blind, be sure to follow the instructions.

My windows can be damp … does this mean I need expensive blinds?

Older homes, particularly Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties not only have large windows and high ceilings, but they also have issues with a damp atmosphere.

Also, certain rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, showers and kitchens, have a lot of moisture created in them.

We have a wide selection of moist environment friendly blinds from low prices. 

Likewise, older properties can also be pretty nippy and expensive to heat. 

We also have a selection of thermal blinds to help retain heat when needed. 

I like something ‘a bit different’ but I don’t want to pay a lot

Don’t worry we have textured blinds or sparkly ones that will appeal to the funkiest taste. We have skylight blinds splashed with stars and the latest trends if needed! all said and done I think you’ll find no matter your taste wh do have the cheapest blinds online.

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