How to Dress Your Windows

Windows … they let in light and warmth and offer us a view of the outside world! They can also be an opportunity for passers-by to see inside your home … and they also need cleaning regularly, inside and outside.

How to have the best dressed windows

All properties have windows of some description, from sky lights to bay windows, from French doors to sash varieties.

With so much glass and framework, they can take time to clean.

A window cleaner can always tackle the exterior glass for a reasonable fee.

The interiors should be done on a rotational basis with ones in the bathroom and kitchens needing more attention as they tend to gather more dirt due to moisture contained within the room.

Be sure to clean all the nooks and crannies as dust and mould can lurk in tiny spaces. 

You can use a window cleaner spray and cloth for ease, and it is actually good exercise.

Always read the label and be sure to clean safely. 

Once this task is done, then it’s time for the fun bit.

Yorkshire Blinds provides many different window blind types: Venetian, Roman, blackout, vision, roller, vertical … all of which are suitable for helping your windows look great from the inside and the outside.

Living the dream

Starting with your kitchen and/or dining room.

For these areas, easy to clean blinds might be a good idea.

Many people prefer Venetian blinds as these can be altered to let in as much or as little light as you need, and they can be wiped clean if they get splashed or marked.

Roller blinds are also popular if more functional, as they can be adjusted to whatever height you need.

For living areas, then the world of window blinds is also your oyster!

You may wish to go for a mix of window dressings, including a wooden vertical blind coupled with curtains. 

Roman blinds can make a lovely, textured addition to your living space.

Vision blinds are also a popular choice; these include two fabrics of different opacities that ‘cross over’ one another to vary the light coming into the room. 

Around the houses

For bedrooms, then there is usually a mix of requirements: darkness for sleep and light during the day.

Roman blinds again are popular as they can complement the fabrics used in the soft furnishings. 

Sheer fabrics such as voile or chiffon are used in a number of window blind types, including roller and Roman varieties, and are coupled with curtains, too.

The idea light is let into the bedroom or dressing room, yet no-one can see inside the room.

Making the most of your conservatory 

If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory attached to your property, then you will know it needs looking after yet it is a very welcome addition to the square footage of your home.

The same applies to orangeries and other outdoor ‘indoor’ spaces.

Vertical blinds are practical for these types of windows and roller blinds are also a good choice.

If there are some sneaky drafts, then why not consider thermal varieties.

A conservatory or orangery tends to be either too warm or too cold. Your choice of window blind fabric and style can help even out these temperature variations, allowing you to use the room throughout the year.

Design is everything

Fabric designs are only limited by our imaginations!

From block colours to complex prints, from funky graphics to your favourite brands, a window blind provide another ‘canvass’ for each room of your home.

You could go for a cohesive mix of colours and shades that form a theme in the room. Or you could be bold and go for contrasts that really make a statement!

And the material you select is also important. From silk to wood, from linen to velvet, from metal to modern materials, the choice is endless.

What to do next

First thing to do is work out your budget.

Decide which room is your priority –  or, if it is just one room, then let’s get started!

Yorkshire Blinds measuring guide provides the simplest way to accurately measure for your new blinds or blind.

You can then order your window blind or blinds from our huge selection and by using our filter system, which helps you pinpoint the perfect choice for you.

You can also get in touch with us as we are happy to help our customers