What Are The Latest Trends in Window Blinds?

Window blinds, also known as window treatments, have trends much like any interior fixture or fitting.

Rather like your decisions with room lighting, when considering your window blinds, it is important to pay attention to the details and latest trends including type of blind, colours, finish and of course how all these elements fit in with the rest of the room.

The window blind can be the important finish touch and is usually one of the last items on the list.

Window blinds can combine with or replace curtains and can create a real ‘stir’ if chosen wisely and adhering to the trends that exist.

Why Blinds Are Different to Curtains

While the materials, patterns and textures of hanging curtains are limitless, curtains are pretty much available as two pieces of lined fabric and while they can look stunning, they are very limited in their capacity to offer shade and privacy. In short, they are either open or closed and with very little by way of the in-between.

Window blinds on the other come in a variety of types, styles and finishes and modern blinds can be ‘smart’ controlled as the sun moves around the sky!

What Are the Latest Trends?

With more of us spending time in our homes for both leisure and work purposes, window blind trends have become more functional and minimal.

Clean, simple lines with an emphasis on natural finishes seem to be preferred.

This includes the timeless roller blind which is one specially measured strip of fabric that includes the roller blind mechanism, and which can be moved up and down according to the direction of the sunlight.

The roller blind can be block colour for minimal fuss or could form the focal point of the room with a bold, statement pattern. 

The roller blind can also be created in a number of different fabrics from natural ones such as rattan and bamboo to super-modern sleek finishes.

Roman blinds are also making a comeback with their aesthetically pleasing folds of fabric which offer a softer alternative to the roller blind. Again, Roman blinds can feature limitless designs including natural fibres, neutral shades and contrasting details.  

Venetian, Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

The blinds we tend to think of when considering the phrase ‘window blind’ is a Venetian blind. These have horizontal strips that can be adjusted to various angles to let in or block out sunlight.

These types of blinds usually fit a window space perfectly and are available in a myriad of colours, prints and patterns.

While the Venetian blind has a classic design in the window treatment world, the width of slat and the colours are the main points to consider.

While Venetian blinds can suit just about any room in the home, the kitchen and the bathroom tend to lend themselves well to this type of blind. 

Trends with this type of blind include clean, light colours so strong sunlight can be blocked from a room but the interior space remains airy and feels spacious during the daylight hours.

Similarly, horizontal and vertical blinds are trending in similar ways.

And these days, when most things can be controlled via an app or similar, motorised versions of all these blinds types are available.

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Vision Blinds 

Relative newcomers to the window treatment world, vision blinds are also known as twist blinds, and have two layers of opaque and translucent woven strips that can be moved independently, gliding past one another to create different levels of light-blocking.

These are versatile and stylish, with a striking modern feel and with the ability to control manually with a cord or chain or with a remote device.

Trends including very natural colours paired with a contrasting colour coupled with the possibility of different head rail or valance colours too.

The vision blind can offer the perfect balance between privacy and natural light. Many modern homes lend themselves well to this type of blind.

2019 LL Vision Capri Anthracite Partially Open Main Motorised WEB 1

Trendy or Traditional?

Ultimately, trends come and go, but if you choose wisely, then a trend can become something more ‘classic’ over time.

Perhaps for a fun, statement blind in a child’s bedroom then a fun roller blind is a good option! Cheaper than most blind options and easily replaceable, you could go for fun and trendy and not break the bank.

What Trends Are Here to Stay?

As we are now in a world where we think twice about travelling abroad, trendy, neutral window blinds can sometimes remind us of dreamy locations aboard: Italy, France or the USA, perhaps?

Something simple and sophisticated can truly alter the whole look of a room and help us imagine we are overseas.

Window blinds are here to stay though and investing in some stunning blinds, whichever type you prefer, is money well spent.

Also, if your budget is limited, and the only thing you do is update your window covering, then a trendy choice will alter the whole room for the better.

Yorkshire Blinds can help you with your window blind choices, from type of blind to colour selection. Our easy-to-use website offers solutions within three taps of our phone screen or mouse.