What type of Window Blinds are the Most Durable?

A frequently asked question is: which window blinds last the longest?

Here at Yorkshire Blinds, we are experts in manufacturing stunning window blinds that will last. The quality window coverings we provide our customers will not only benefit the windows in which they are placed, they will also add comfort and shade to your home.

What types of materials last the longest?

Our products include roller, Venetian, Roman, vertical, horizontal, wooden and vision window blinds and each product is designed to withstand multiple usage providing they are looked after, much like any other household item.

Most houses have a number of challenges such as children, pets, or maybe even extreme weather conditions. All our window blinds can take these obstacles into consideration and tolerate them with careful use and care.

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What type of Window Blinds are the Most Durable? 1

What type of materials do you use?

From soft materials to faux wood, we use a number of finishes in our window blind products.

As the name suggests, faux wood is sturdier than soft fabrics.

The composite materials create a strong finish to each slat, regardless of width or the size of the overall window covering.

Faux wood can resist moisture, warping because of heat and even fading if the room they’re in gets a lot of strong sunlight and UV rays.

Faux wood window blinds require dusting, and the side cords can be tied back to avoid children and pets getting tangled in them.

These types of window coverings are also wonderful for blocking out unwanted light … While sunshine is nearly always welcome, it can cause fading to interior paintwork and soft furnishings and blocking it out while it is at its peak is sometimes the only option. 

Our faux wood blinds are also scratch resistant and unlike real wood, won’t face or crack as easily.

If I don’t want faux wood, what else is durable?

We also manufacture aluminium window blinds if you prefer.

These are a popular choice in homes, offices and in the workplace due to their hardiness. They can also be cost-effective as aluminium is a common choice for window coverings and in its raw state is silvery white and is non-magnetic. It also resists corrosion.

Window blinds made from aluminium can withstand years of wear and tear and due it being a soft material, can be relatively flexible. 

An important aspect to consider when ordering your window blinds is the weight of the blind itself. Aluminium blinds can take the weight without that tell-tale sag or unwanted bending.

Are there other factors should I consider?

Other factors that will influence your choice of window covering or blind are the mechanisms that operate each blind type.

These include cords, strings and wands which can alter the angle of the slats and length of the blind itself.

These handheld devices are usually connected with the head rail which includes various spools, wheels and drums.

While the way they all work together is smooth and seamless, the window blind owner does need to use the cords and wands in the correct way to avoid damage or need for repairs.

Careful use means this type of window blind and its operating system will last for years to come.

If you have a roller blind, then there can be a choice of mechanisms.

These include spring, side, chain (or cord), geared crank rod and mechanise (or electric).

The spring-operated blind has a central cord or handgrip on the bottom hem bar, a gentle tug of which will allow the blind to move up or down.

The side chain or cord can also be used with roller blinds usually in the form of small metal balls crimped into the chain which hangs down the side. This chain can be gently pulled up or down so the fabric is in the desired position.

Geared crank rod operated blinds are often used in educational establishments and are rotated by adults to avoid children playing around with them.

Electric or mechanised blinds are also a prestigious option, meaning there is little for the homeowner or office worker to do other than operate a remote control and some types can work in tandem with sun sensors.

All these mechanisms are designed for multiple use over time and using them with care enables your window blind to be as durable as possible.

What about stains or similar?

Popular types of window blind material include PVC, plastic, faux wood and metal and most of these are easy to clean and dust.

Most are waterproof too.

A simple dust or a wipe with a damp cloth will ensure your window blinds look as good as new.

Always read the instructions about window blind care. Usually, ongoing cleaning can be part of the regular list of household tasks and maybe a deep clean is required a couple of times  a year. As with all products, care use and ongoing care will help to keep your window blinds durable. Yorkshire Blinds can offer the best and relevant advice about caring for your window blinds.