The Most Modern Window Blinds

If you live in a new house-build and your interiors are modern, sleek and stylish, the chances are you are looking for the most modern window blinds on the market.

The trick with window blinds is that you can mix the modern and the traditional and have the best of both worlds.


Mix The Generations

There are certain types of blinds that have stood the test of time. These classic, tried and tested window coverings have been used for centuries and while there have been innovations in how they operate once in place in your window frame, the basic style has changed very little.

What has changed are the patterns, fabrics and finishes: from geometric shapes, block colours, sheer fabrics, blackout styles and many more.


How to Mix the Old with the New

If you have a modern home with minimalist interiors, neutral colours and maybe a feature wall in certain rooms, such as lounge of living areas. The chances are you’ll need a simple blind type to ‘fit in’.

Roller blinds are a good choice here.

They have a mechanism at the top which allows for drawing up or drawing down of the blind to the required length.

There is a large number of choices in terms of patterns and styles, from pale neutral colours to vibrant prints.

You could go for a mix of different patterns in bay windows, maybe having a plain finish in the centre with more intricate motifs and colours on the blinds on either side of the central pane.

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Room at the Top!


Rooms you can really go for something different and special is in a dining room, conservatory or orangery.

So here you could go for the ultra-modern vision blinds, which involve using two fabric types within one blind fitting, which adjust to the sunlight and daylight.

Or you could go for the classic elegance of a Venetian blind which can be angled to allow in as much or as little heat and light as is needed.

Vertical blind are also popular with glass installations such as French doors or patio doors. They are usually operated by a top section of the blind and can turn left or right depending on the angle you require.


What About Other Rooms? 


Rooms which also get a lot of usage and is subject to moisture are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Privacy for these rooms is paramount yet having privacy doesn’t mean that you have to be boring!

Our vertical blinds come is a wide variety of different materials and colours. So, while the Venetian blind is instantly recognisable, you can ‘reinvent the wheel’ by having modern colours and finishes such as aqua aluminium.

These look modern, sleek and look great.



Are There Any Other Modern Trends I Should I Know About?


Many blinds have either a cord, stick or similar for adjusting the blinds to the required length.

However, there are motorised window blind options available which can give homeowners the option of operating the blind remotely.

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What Are the Best Patterns or Colours?


Here at Yorkshire Blinds we have a huge array of patterns and colours.

From funky chunky motifs to elegant flora and fauna designs; from the simplicity of a one colour to sheer finishes, there is any number of elements to choose from.

The main aspect to consider is whether you want something that will complete block out unwanted sunlight (i.e., in a children’s nursery during the light summer evenings) or whether you simply want to mute natural light, so it is not as harsh.

Your preference will determine this and give you maximum effect from your window blinds.

What New Trends Are In The Pipeline?

As with most household items, new innovations do appear, and these are also worth considering. However, for durability, quality and maximum usage, then Yorkshire Blinds offer the best of both worlds with most popular window blind types and with a huge array of finishes, materials and designs.

Yorkshire Blinds: Here For You!


Yorkshire Blinds are one of the region’s most trusted window blind specialists. Our knowledge is among the best in the area and our expertise is apparent in the quality of window blinds we manufacture.

Our website is very easy to use and boasts the wide range of options available to you.

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