Louvolite Cirro Pewter Vision

Louvolite Cirro Pewter Vision: Lighten Up Your Look, Not Your Privacy

Crave the light, but yearn for privacy? The Louvolite Cirro Pewter Vision is your blind date with brilliance. These innovative beauties boast translucent stripes that let sunshine stream through while shielding your secrets.


  • Sun-kissed mornings, diffused and dreamy. No harsh glare, just gentle illumination that warms your room without sacrificing your sanctuary.
  • Daytime drama with a playful twist. The alternating sheer and opaque bands create a subtle movement, adding visual intrigue to any space.
  • Evening elegance, effortlessly achieved. As the sun dips, the Cirro Pewter transforms, offering privacy while still allowing a soft, ambient glow.

Crafted with precision and style:

  • Sleek, contemporary design complements any décor, from minimalist havens to maximalist masterpieces.
  • Top-notch materials ensure smooth operation and lasting beauty.
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit any window, big or small.

The Louvolite Cirro Pewter Vision: Where light and privacy dance a delightful duet.

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