New Season Window Blind Designs For Your Home

New Season, New Window Blinds?

As we look forward to the new season of spring and the summer, we emerge from what’s seemed like a very long winter, mostly spent indoors and at home.

While we always look forward to the warmer, sunnier months, this year it is even more important that we welcome in the fresh air, longer days and make the most of our homes.

It’s a new season and therefore new window blinds are a fantastic way to welcome in the freshness of spring!


Spring Cleaning

If you’ve kept yourself busy with cleaning the home over the autumn and winter, then you may not be thinking about a spring clean this year.

Traditionally, though, spring cleaning is the time of year your home gets a deep clean and this includes curtains, window blinds and other window coverings.


Changing Up

Rather like duvets, window blinds can be changed in time for the spring and summer each year.

Once the clocks go back in autumn, it’s time to snuggle up and draw down the blinds every evening.

Depending on your own preferences, opulent and deeper colours could be a great choice for winter décor.

Yet as the clocks go forward at the end of March, and as the days get lighter and longer, it’s time to switch up a gear!

Neutral colours, lighter finishes and sophisticated opacity will help bring spring and summer into your home without compromising on your privacy.


New Colour Palettes

As the weather gets warmer, our mood lifts and we welcome those spring-like colours into our home.

Gentle pastels, including pinks, purples and blues for an elegant, serene feel to your home or a room of your choice; hopeful, optimistic greens of which there are any number of colour choices which can be combined with stunning effects; beaming yellow to bring the sunlight indoors and warmth to any room in your home; and let’s not forget the timelessly classic shades of burnt oranges, toffee and caramel colours, and bitter chocolate.


Any Room, Any Window Blind

All rooms in a home can benefit from a window blind.

Window blinds can be functional as well as funky!

Even blackout blinds can have fun designs.

Spring is a good time though to assess if your window blinds are up to scratch.

Are they cracked, split or bent?

Have they seen better days and it’s time to replace them? Or have you redecorated and your window blinds simply look out of place?

Also, if you want an easy option to fitting a new window blind, our Perfect Fit selection will be ideal for you.

This means they fit within your window frame without the need for drills or other DIY equipment.


Have Curtains? Window Blinds Make A Difference

By no means a new trend, mixing curtains with window blinds has reached a new level of sophistication!

Soft, plush curtains are often an investment and as such have a long lifespan.

Whatever the colour, a window blind can really finish the look and fit between your curtains to create a stunning, appealing look.

This can work in a number of ways.

You could have a sheer window blind, which allows in a certain amount of light. A big trend at the moment are sandy and stone shades, so pale browns, soft greys, reflecting the natural elements.

These shades not only add a trendy touch to your home, these types of window blinds also allow in just the right amount of light and give you privacy at the same time. 


Different Window Blinds

Here at Yorkshire Blinds, we have lots of experience, in fact, over 40 years combined expertise, when it comes to window blinds.

The key is that classic types of window blinds never fail. 

Venetian, vertical, horizontal, vision, roller, pleated … these types of window blinds have been popular for years. 

What has changed over the decades are the mechanisms such as motorisation, cords and similar aspects.

Also, the various design, prints, colours and finishes are pretty much limitless.

It’s true to say that certain window blinds might suit certain rooms.

Yet we believe it is down to your own preferences and choice.


Bring Different Worlds Into Your Home!

As leisure travel and holidays are pretty much of the question for some time yet, if you are inspired by the new season to rethink some of your interior décor, then why not bring in different cultural themes to rooms?
Popular ideas include safari themes, Far Eastern influences and seaside fun! 

Let’s face it, we’ve all probably got a bit of wanderlust at the moment. 

There’s nothing to say that you can’t have a bit of the travel bug within your home.


What To Do Next

So, whether it is a single window blind, or one for every room in your home, Yorkshire Blinds provide one of the widest and best choices in the region.

With hundreds of choices on our website, and with easy ordering, you can browse and buy at your leisure.

Our team is here to show your windows some love! A simple blind can really transform a room and welcome in the new season, warmer days and longer daylight hours.