Buyer’s Guide To Window Blinds 2021

Our Buyer’s Guide to Window Blinds – Read Before You Buy

Before you make any online purchase for your home, read our handy buyer’s Guide.

Chances are you will do the research first before hitting the ‘buy now’ button, and this article will help.

For new window blinds, reading about the products available is very important so that you choose the right blind for you, at the right price, and importantly, with the correct measurements. 

Our buyer’s guide provides you with important points to consider when it comes to your window blind requirements if you are replacing existing fittings or starting from scratch.

Roller blinds
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First of all, consider what you want to achieve in the room for which you are purchasing the window blind.

Are you going for a textured look? A pop of colour? Or something that will still allow sunlight into your room without dazzling its occupants?

A classic way to dress your windows is to have both hanging curtains and a window blind. However, a window blind on its own is just as good and in some cases better. This includes instances of blackout blinds or blinds in the bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. 

Consider the Room

As well as considering the best options for bathrooms, other elements come into play. Is your house in an urban location? Then you’ll need maximum privacy with the ability to block out light when needed (i.e., from harsh sunlight or from streetlights), so Venetian blinds can be a good option here.

Perhaps your house is isolated or in a rural location. In which case, some of your rooms might be chillier than others and thermal blinds would be a wise choice.

If your room doesn’t get much direct sunlight, then chances are you’ll want to make the most of whatever natural light occurs during the daytime. So sheer fabric window blinds are ideal for this.

Consider Where The Window Blind Will Fit

This is where is can get tricky. Luckily here at Yorkshire Blinds we have a wide choice of blind fittings. 

If you have fitted blinds before then you will be confident with the measuring and  installation process. 

If you are unsure, then Perfect Fit blinds will be a good option for you as these fit into the window recess without the need for drilling or similar.

In both instances, accurate measurements from the outset are crucial.

If you are opting for motorised blinds, then remember to allow for any mechanisms when you are making a note of the measurements.

Vision blind
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Consider Your Needs for Night and Day

Once you’ve chosen your type of blind, then chances are they’ll be in place for some time to come.

If you like a bit of variety and relish the idea  of being able to change the mood of a room, then vision blinds are a great option. These sophisticated window coverings use two types of fabric that interweave to create different levels of shading within the room. This type of window blind is great for garden rooms or orangeries.

Consider the Type of Fabric

While there are classic and popular window blinds types, from vertical to pleated to roller and anything in between. Never has there been a greater choice of fabrics and finishes.

Faux wood, metals, wipeable plastics, waterproof materials … the list goes on. And when it comes to designs, then there’s no limit!

Classic white, block colours, geometric shapes, natural motifs … there is something for every type of theme and style preference.

Consider the Urgency!

Getting everything right in the first place takes time though it is time well spent. Another element to consider is how long the window blind will take to reach you. 

Yorkshire Blinds has excellent customer service standards with the ability to supply window blinds quickly and safely.

Consider Your Budget

We’ve left (probably) one of the most important elements until last!

The key thing is to work out your budget and remember that the size of blind you require will affect the total price.

Other elements that affect the cost include the materials the window blind or blinds are made from and the type of blind selected.

Consider Yorkshire Blinds

We are based in Yorkshire and we have one of the largest choices of window blinds around. Our website lists our products in an easy-to-navigate format, giving you a clear start price and a myriad of choices in terms of designs.

The website also has a handy filtering system, so you can tick your preferences including colours, brand, opacity and additional considerations such as thermal, wood effect and fire retardant.

What To Do Next

As we welcome in the new season, check out your window blinds and see which ones could do with replacing so you can make your home even more welcoming and stylish.

Yorkshire Blinds have a stunning range of window blinds to choose from, too!